Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel is the last step for a new driver before they get their license. It takes a week to complete with six different sessions, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday with you receiving your license. Each session lasts two hours, consisting of one hour of driving and one hour of observing a fellow student driver.

To take Behind the Wheel, you will need a copy of your learner's permit, and the Pink Sheet from your high school driver education class. If you don't have a pink sheet, you'll need to ensure you've completed Driver Education first.

Behind the Wheel Re-Examination

Behind the Wheel Re‑examination is a special case that only happens when you've failed the road skills test from the DMV three times in a row. If you haven't failed the road skills test, then you just need Behind the Wheel, not the re‑examination.

In the case that you've failed the road skills test from the DMV, the Behind the Wheel Re‑examination is what you need. This class consists of 12 hours of one-on-one driving over several periods. The DMV has more information on the re‑examination requirements. You can use the below online registration form to register for the re‑examination. When contacted to setup a time, please make sure you mention you need the re‑examination.

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Behind the Wheel FAQ

Why would I take Behind the Wheel?

People take Behind the Wheel because it's the last requirement for them to get their license.

How much does Behind the Wheel cost?

Behind the wheel costs $260. In the rare case that you've already taken and failed the road skills test from the DMV three times in a row, you must take the Behind the Wheel Re‑Examination, which has different pricing.

Is 'Behind the Wheel' the same as 'Behind-The-Wheel'?

It can be confusing because the DMV isn't always consistent in it's wording, but 'Behind-The-Wheel' is the same thing as 'Behind the Wheel'.